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20 May

Well, the weather has turned nicer here in Central Oregon and that has inspired me to start the seeds for my garden! I am going to buy a bag of dirt – does anyone else feel strange saying that??? – and head out to my mom’s this week to get them going. She has a ‘container’ that will be perfect for starting them.  Plus, my sister has said I can grab some strawberry plants that are taking over her garden area so I’ll be getting strawberries too (hopefully) this season! Exciting! I will share all about it as soon as I’ve actually done it – my week is full of doctor appointments (more on that later) so I am not sure when I will actually get out there to do it. But I can’t wait! I know, it’s probably a little late to start seeds, but I figure any time before it’s actually warm enough to just plant them outdoors, is a head start. Shrug. We will see how it goes!

As for the doctor appointments, I was recommended to a new doctor. . . and new doctors are not my favorite. I get all nervous and want to do anything but go! It’s so pathetic – especially with how many doctors I’ve been to over the years. Anyway, his name is Dr. Gillett  ( ) and he’s a, how I term it, specialized chiropractor. So I’m heading to him this afternoon , and tomorrow, to see if he can help me with these migraines! I am hopeful but nervous. . . thank goodness my dear mom offered to go with me today (think she knows how I am about these things?). And then, later in the week, I am headed in to the eye doctor for an exam (since it’s been two years now) and to see about getting prescription sunglasses. Now this appointment, I am excited about. (not the exam part… I hate the puffer thing… shudder. I convulsively blink and it takes forever and ever… and then that light thing that looks like something is headed straight for your eyeball??? anyway.. you can see why I don’t go unless I have to) It will help relieve the stress my eyes go under every day that I step outside with the sun shining. I need very dark sunglasses since my eyes are so sensitive  to light  – thanks to the migraines – and I also need my glasses so my eyes don’t strain  going from close up to far away, so this could be so wonderful for my poor little eyes. I’ll keep you updated (because I know you all are sooooo interested in my eye situation haha)

I want to share something  else so exciting with you (and it has absolutely nothing to do with gardening or doctors!) Periodically I will have some fabulous photos here on The Start of a Good Life that are from my dear friend, Viktorija Girton, from  Laughing Tree Photography.   You will easily be able to tell which are hers just from the difference between her photos and mine!  ha, but  really, I am so excited that she has agreed to share her photos with me (and you!) and fill in some otherwise blank canvases with her great capturing of the world around us. I love this shot of these flowers. I almost want a print of it for my house, I love it that much!!  Go and check out her page and if you are in the NC area, have her capture your next event! (shameless plug for my friend there!)



Today’s post was really just to update you on those three things. I will let you know how today’s visit goes and how my forage into seed starting works out!

Happy Tuesday to you all – and don’t forget, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend! Plan something fun with your family – relax!


2 Responses to “Friends banding together via the Wide Web”

  1. viktorija May 20, 2014 at 1:53 pm #

    ❤ it! thanks for the plug, Laura!



  1. The Garden has been Started…unless the seeds are duds. | thestartofagoodlife - May 22, 2014

    […]  will be able to help me feel better . (if you want the link to him, check out ) I have learned some very interesting things about how the body works from my two appointments […]


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