Happy Last Day of Chanukah!

5 Dec


Happy 8th day of Chanukah. I hope that you have been able to focus on the miracles that God has done in our lives, in the past and present. I have loved lighting candles each night as our first Chanukah as a married couple. I have even decently read the hebrew blessings aloud. We have taken our chaukiah (the smaller one) to our parents’ houses to share in the celebration.

We had a Chanukah party on monday night with some of our friends – homemade pizza, latkes and jelly donuts – and played dreidel! It was such a fun and relaxing time.


These are the gluten and dairy free sufganiyot (jelly donuts) – a tradition for chanukah just like latkes are – that my OH made. being gluten free, we opted to put the jelly on top rather than in them. Gluten free dough doesn’t work the same way as regular dough. they were so delicious and we used coconut palm sugar so that i could have them! They weren’t as sweet as they are supposed to be because of the coconut sugar but that was okay they were so delicious! Here is the link if you are interested in making them! 


(I apologize for the sad pictures above, i knew that if i didn’t immediately take both photos i wouldn’t remember to take them at all! ) 

Happy Chanukah and remember to soak in the lights of the candles tonight and all that they represent. (and i adore the fact that this tradition that i am now a part of has been going for centuries. it makes it mean so much more)

~Laura Starr


(some of you have asked what OH means….. no it doesn’t mean ‘other husband’ or anything like that. it means other half =) so now you know ) 

One Response to “Happy Last Day of Chanukah!”

  1. Genevieve December 7, 2013 at 8:08 am #

    Hey, that’s us! 🙂
    It was a great night! And good thing you took those pictures because we gobbled them up pretty fast…

    Love ya!


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