Writing Again

1 Nov

Friends, I have some exciting-slightly-overwhelming-am-I-crazy-or-something news to tell you!

I have signed up for National November Writer’s Month.  Because I have this blog, i get a ‘feed’ on my main page here on wordpress and i saw this post about writing a novel in the month of November. I had a tingle of interest because I have always loved writing and have lately been interested in starting again. This is a huge challenge – 50,000 words from Nov 1st to the end of the month. Yipes! 

This is something done by writers all over the world, every year. Now, I have a hard time putting myself in the category of ‘writer’ since writing here is the most I’ve done in years,  but I am excited to try and a bit overwhelmed at the amount of words that is my goal this month! 

here is the link to nanowrimo if you are interested in learning more about this craziness! http://nanowrimo.org/dashboard

I have written a few pages and am going to share the beginning of this novel of mine! (ack! i’m writing a novel!!!) I am writing about a girl –alright me! – with health issues and how  they have changed her life.  It is a bit weird to write about oneself but it is what I know and perhaps, just perhaps it will help someone else with some of the same struggles. (not to mention it might help me get it all out and down on paper).

And please, by all means, feel free to encourage me excessively during this process! =D

I have recently read these termed as invisible diseases.  Something that you live with daily but the average person can’t see or tell that they are there.  Living with them has made me more compassionate toward others. They have taught me to be able to look past the obvious and search for the meaning behind their negative words, hurtful actions and painful silence.  They have taken my dreams and then taught me to learn to dream again. I have grown stronger in my sense of who I am through these years. I have learned to speak up, to share my opinion and to believe that I have a right to be heard.

I am more than my health issues.

Now before you start worrying that this is a story of a rise to egotism, let me reassure you that I am still the girl next door –happiest-in-the-country-than-the-city that I always have been. This is a story of faith, family and overcoming obstacles I never dreamed of as a young girl in pigtails and overalls. 



My total of words so far is 1,089. Not too many but at least it’s something! 



2 Responses to “Writing Again”

  1. Maryann November 1, 2013 at 6:59 pm #

    Laura, I am excited for you! I have enjoyed your blogging, you have a knack for writing, you do a great job! Can’t wait to see more of the story! I’ll pray for great inspiration!



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