Saving Money Feels Fantastic : On To the Freezer (Again)

7 Oct

Hello! I really hope you all are clicking the links and reading her full article on squawkfox. I love her sense of humor that she throws in. Take this next one – Freezer Tactics.

I enjoyed reading this, although my freezer doesn’t need organized – I did that when I defrosted it!! (pat on the back for me inserted here) But I had never heard of OAMC – Once A Month Cooking. Interesting. I can  see how one could want to do this with working full time and whatever else fills up your schedule (a little one, like she says). But, for me, I prefer to have a few backups in the freezer for those random times. Not as a  regular thing. But, I am also blessed with the fact that I am home often enough to make dinner for my OH and I . She also has links for freezing  items from your garden – yay! 

Next on the list was freezer inventory – with templates for a freezer map and inventory list. I can see the super organized type A types, liking both of those. Sadly, i’m not either. So, i won’t be using those (check back when we have kids and i’ll probably sheepishly admit to using both).

Next up is the Organized Pantry, which i really, really need to go through anyway. I’ll describe our pantry situation to you in the next post. =) 

Thank you for joining me on this journey – let me know if you’re enjoying my blog posts 

Happy Fall,


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