The yes-it’s-actually-working-for-me- skin treatment

26 Jul

I have had, what i call, ‘skin issues’ (i absolutely hate the other words used for it ‘acn–‘ ‘pimp—‘ look , i can’t even type them. that’s how much i really do not use those words…) since a very early age. I can still remember my mom , bless her heart, telling me that since i started getting it so early, it would clear up sooner than most girls. . . . well, here i am 28 years old and still fighting it!
and losing to it mostly.
But recently i have found some things that have helped. and how overly glad that makes me!!!
So, i thought i would share them with you, in the chance that it might help you with your battle of the dreaded ‘issues’
step 1:
in the beginning of this year i splurged (well, that’s not entirely accurate, my OH did..) and bought Bare Minerals makeup. i had friends who used it and loved it and plus, I hated how my combination of Covergirl, Maybelline and Mary Kay didn’t stay on my face all day. i was constantly reapplying it. So, i had a trial run put on of the Bare Minerals and loved it all day. simply fantastic, my pores look smaller, my skin is one even tone and it does last all day!!


step 2:
Then, i read on Pinterest how doing a oil cleanse is really good to get the gunk out of your skin and hydrates it all at the same time. so i thought, what the heck? i’ve got castor oil and olive oil here, i’ll mix up a batch and try it. it’s so nice. when i don’t do it in the evenings, my skin is drier the next day and i tend to have more little breakout issues than i do when i remember. here’s the link to how  to make your own oil concoction :
step 3:
my mom bought me some facial cleanser that is gluten free, vegan. and everything else free, it’s fantastic. the brand is Acure. so i use that in the mornings in the shower.
step 4:
In the fall last year, when i was really frustrated with how horrible my skin was, my OH bought me some lotion that is fantastic. i mean really, it’s called Lotion with Potion for a reason. ( i got a sunburn last week, put it on it before i went to bed, especially the edges. and by the next morning, the burn was practically gone!) i love that the list of ingredients isn’t as long as my arm and i can pronounce everything. sigh. wonderful. It’s by Herb’s Daughter Custom soaps     


step 5:
this one might be a little weird. i don’t know of anyone else who does this. but for an ‘issue’ that is big and hurts and horrible, i pull out my spoon (that i always have in there )from the freezer and hold it on it. sounds strange. but it helps the irritation go down and it dims the bright horrid red-ness. brilliant.
So, there you go. ever since i started using the oil at night, lightly smooth on the lotion right after and use the face scrub in the morning, my issues aren’t nearly as bad. yes, i still get them and hate them, but i’m able to look at myself in the mirror and see something besides those spots. i’m able to see smooth skin and all one tone, thanks to the brilliance of Bare Minerals makeup.
Sigh. self – confidence is on the rise.

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    I thought I would share this again! I bought another bottle of the Lotion with Potion over the holidays and they have changed their formula. While I still like it, and love that they’ve added peppermint, it didn’t last near as long as the last bottle (that one lasted a year! and here it is only 3 or so months later) It is still a lotion that I love though. Happy Cleansing!



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