Wal-Mart causes me stress

18 Jun

I have to share this frustration of mine – and see if anyone else shares it.

now, i haven’t ‘liked’ wal-mart for years but since meeting my OH i have conceded my ban on it and now go periodically because of how cheap everything is there. they even have gluten free items, now that’s just rude. and frustrating. don’t seduce me with gf items that are dollars cheaper than anywhere else! oy! 

anyway – i got sidetracked. the last few times i have been there not only is the place so huge and hard to find what you’re looking for , but there are birds flying around. 

um, really?

I asked my mom if i’m the only one that this bothers. . . 

am I?

now, I would love to have a garden and farm that fully sustains me – and then, of course, birds will be flying around and over my food. that doesn’t bother me in the least. it’s outside. nature. love it. but inside a store? shudder. 

well, now that i’ve gotten my rant out, i can focus on other things. like deep cleaning my house and taking care of my OH who is just getting back from the dentist, poor guy. 

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