IT. IS. Finished. (well, almost)

2 Feb

they are almost finished. one last meeting and our wedding invites are ordered. They  became one large project that neither of us expected. apparently, according to my OH , they are going to be awesome. 

right now we are listening to peter hollens sing the song ‘misty mountains’ from the Hobbit. Such a great talent right there. OH is doing homework. Relief fills us both , i think, knowing the invites only need me to give the final approval for the printer to start them going. whew. now on to the next item on the list…. 

OH’s wedding ring.. 

Suits for the men….

finish decorations (Also, so close!)

well, i’ll stop making you read my looong list of wedding to – do’s. but i’m sure you get the idea. things are coming along really well though, much better than i had originally thought they would. We are immensely blessed by those around us. 

but before i get going on the next item down, i’m going to enjoy the moment of one more thing being done. 

sigh. i love it. 

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