Inspiring words

10 Dec

ahh- sorry friends! it has been so busy here, with OH being sick and having finals this past week, add on top of that work and whatnot, i haven’t been able to do anything worthy of sitting down and sharing with you! BUT, i found this poem the other day i want to share with you. and i’m in the process of a little craft that i’ll share in the next few days. =) so here are some inspiring words for you to help you start the week out!

True Heroism

“Let others write of battles fought,

Of bloody, ghastly fields,

Where honor greets the man who wins,

And death the man who yields:

But I will write of him who fights

And vanquishes his sins,

Who struggles on through weary years

Against himself and wins.

He is a hero staunch and brave

Who fights an unseen foe.

And puts at last beneath his feet

His passions base and low:

Who stands erect in manhood’s might,

Undaunted, undismayed,

The bravest man who drew a sweord

In foray or in raid.

It calls for something more than brawn

Or muscle to o’ercome

An enemy who marcheth not

With banner, plume, or drum –

A foe forever lurking nigh,

With silent, stealthy tread:

Forever near your board by day,

At night beside your bed.

All honor, then, to that brave heart,

Through poor or rich he be,

Who struggles with his bader part, –

Who conquers and is free!

He may not wear a hero’s crown,

Or fill a hero’s grave:

But truth will place his name among

The bravest of the brave.”

And don’t forget that this is the week of Chanukah, a time to rededicate our hearts to our Lord!

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