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Dandruff remover and a bit about my life

9 Dec

I sit here listening to relaxing Christmas music with snow outside my door. Our faucet is once again letting us have cold water – at least our hot water pipe didn’t freeze! that would have been worse – and debating whether i should write, clean or work on christmas gifts. There are 15 days left until Christmas and i’m nowhere near ready! Yipes. Due to the fact that we are short on cash – lack of jobs when we got back from our honeymoon and trying to dig ourselves out of the hole ever since – i am having to be very creative with gifts this year. it is interesting to come up with something that is cheap and still a great gift! i’m a firm believer in meaningful gifts. Can i just say that i’m super excited about what i’m getting my OH this year???? 

This past weekend I have been considering starting up my own bakery. . . but gluten free. I am excited at the prospect but realize how much work work work is required! I am also a very cautious person so it is daunting. I am determined to at least give it a serious go to see if i can pull it off. I have a lot of support and i know that will make a big difference. As so many of you know, gluten free baking can be such a challenge! I want to get my challah bread so delicious that i would feel comfortable selling it. =D

Aside from that i tried a  beauty DIY this past week – i get awful dry scalp during the winter. Well, all year really, but extremely bad due to the cold. I talked to my hairdresser a few weeks ago and she suggested heating a bit of coconut oil, let it cool (so you don’t burn yourself!) and massage it into your scalp. put a plastic bag over your hair for about an hour (can do overnight if you’re inclined!) and then wash wash wash wash it out. 

I have been hearing ravings about how fantastic coconut oil is and my mom had given me a jar of it to try out so i decided that after my OH left for  work one morning, i would try it! i ended up heating too much oil so i rubbed it on the ends of my hair too. i fell back asleep for a few hours (migraines are the pits) after getting the bag tied securely. I hopped in the shower after happily pulling the bag off my head – it is a bit strange having a grocery bag as a hat…. and shampooed once, twice and three times before i gave up. I was worried my hair would be super greasy when it dried but it wasn’t! And i’ve only had the smallest bit of dandruff since then. My scalp no longer itches either. Glory be! free and it worked! One point for coconut oil! 

I also started working out again this morning. I want to get fit so that when warm weather comes again i can start biking around town and save $$$! Have you ever tried the Victoria’s Secret abs workout? killer. don’t worry, nothing scanty about the workout, or i wouldn’t do it! the girl even talks about how her abs are burning and she’s ready for a break. makes it more bearable… ha. Well, i have a goal of getting to the point that i can get through it without feeling like i’m absolutely going to die right there. (!) My OH says i’m bony now and doesn’t understand why i want to lose weight –  i tell him it’s not about weight, it’s fit. I want to be fit. even if my health sucks, i want to be fit! Not sure that makes sense, but it does to me. Shrug. I am hoping to go to the gym with him sometimes too. 

That’s it for now. i hope you’ve enjoyed! Please leave comments if you’ve tried coconut oil for your dry scalp or anything else! Merry Christmas and stay warm!


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