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Strengthening Marriage One Goal at a Time – March goal

6 Mar

I must admit something to you all. The timing of this post is completely God. We have been stressed, wait let me put that so that it accurately indicates our life lately —- STRESSED. There you go. That’s closer to the mark. We have been super stressed lately and that means that sometimes emotions spill over into hard and painful discussions. So for me to sit and think on how I want to strengthen our marriage is a God thing. It gets my focus back where it should be.

Last months’ goal was to be an encouragement to my OH (reminder, this means Other Half). And I feel like I did a pretty good job at remembering to – sometimes this meant just sitting and listening to him vent. Sometimes it meant leaving him be to go ‘brain dead’ for the evening and offering a back rub to help him fall asleep.


For this months’ goal I am struggling a bit. I , in my own selfishness, want to focus on what I want from him.What I think he isn’t doing.

But all that does is start a rift in my heart against him and where will it end? Nowhere I want to be. So, I will sit and ponder this question. How can I strengthen US? I will keep the focus on encouraging him, as the stress is still here and I know it is good to keep that in the front of my mind no matter what!

Other than that though? I will intentionally pray for him each day. I tend to most days, when he is on his way to work in the mornings and I’m (pathetically) crawling back in bed. But I want to be more intentional and focused on lifting him up to the Lord. For what better act of love can I give than to continually give him back and lift him up to the One who created him?

Please join me -and several other women! – in this linkup of being intentional about our relationships/marriages. Just click on the button below and to the right that says Marriage and Relationship Goal. Even if you don’t join, check out the other goals! Very inspiring.

Happy March and go kiss your loved one!


Strengthening Marriage – one Goal at a Time

9 Feb

I just had to hop on here and share with you this ‘link up’ that I just found , and am joining! It is all about  growing your relationship with your significant other and not getting stuck in the bumps and bruises of life. It’s about being intentional in your relationship. It is on the blog called A Little Too Jolley, one that I have enjoyed reading these past few months. 

The idea here is that I make a goal in my relationship with my OH – which just so happens to be the month of love. Ironic, eh? I have been mulling this over and as there is a lot of stress and frustrations going on for him right now, I do think my goal will be to be supportive. Encouraging. Uplifting. Giving. In prayer. In words. In actions.

I feel like I do okay on this point right now but I know I can grow more. I can tend to think on myself and my troubles more at times, rather than him. I want to be a wife that puts her husband before herself. 

I encourage any and all of you to join me in this Marriage and Relationship Goal, just click on the button to the right  ( scroll down a bit…)- it’ll take you straight to Brooklyn’s page. God bless and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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