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14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

Sadly, this isn’t a post actually about V-day – OH is most likely going to be studying and I’ll be writing or editing or playing with the puppy. Plus, he’s been sick and I’ve been struggling through ‘most every day. So. Skipping Valentine’s day isn’t that hard this year. I am contemplating ordering Chinese food though…


Today, is just a quick note to say that I’m back again from a quick break last week, to share a few things that I’ve enjoyed on the internet lately.

Beauty from Ashes blog – I have started following this blog on pinterest, bloglovin and Instagram. She makes the most wonderful costumes – you must check her out! her latest post is here.

Just found this amazing artist, David Garrett, on youtube – i listened to this  for two days straight and have it going right now. Beautiful violin playing right here folks.

This article on Women’s Suffrage has been really helpful in research for book #2!

The Final Beauty and the Beast Trailer is out and amazing and I am so excited to see it!!

The Piano Guys are some of my favorite artists right now and this song, It’s Gonna be OK is one of my favorites. Check it out. It’ll brighten up your day, I guarantee it

This has been sitting open on my screen for weeks – I’ve got a code for a discount and it’s just taunting me…but i’m not sure I need it. so, there it sits until I decide.

That’s all folks! Come back on Friday for a book review – or a short story, who’s to know???


p.s. titling these type of posts is hard, anyone have any suggestions?


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