Our Weekend in Bend

18 Apr


The OH, the puppies and I headed home for a short weekend full of fun. Which, in most cases, means lots of hanging out with awesome friends and family and lots of NOT sleeping!  We got home mid-Saturday and sleptsleptslept most of the next day and a half away. Much needed, wonderful sleep – but it doesn’t leave you feeling very productive! All well, trips home to Bend are always worth it.

We started off the fun with going out to a fun lunch with my parents and OH’s mom. Then OH did his thing while my parents and I visited my almost-11-years-old nephew who fell from a tree and broke both his wrists! Poor kid! It was good to see that he was all right, even though it broke my heart to see him laid up like that. He’s a trooper though being so inactive for the next several weeks is what’s going to be the hardest I think!


Out for our Anniversary!

Then my parents were simply awesome and watched the dogs for us while we went out to Greg’s Grill to celebrate our anniversary.  (why does he always look good in photos? I mean, seriously. it’s just not fair) Then it was off to our friends’ house where we were staying. The dogs are getting to know their house rules and simply looove wandering their property.

Friday morning mom came and got me and the dogs (OH once again had his own thing planned) and we went to the dog park. Due to the extremely high tailgate and Lady’s propensity to be scared (i’m not kidding) mom and I had to lift her into the truck the first time! We were glad of the weight that she’s recently lost! Then we got to just enjoy being out at mom and dad’s, getting to see some more family and then off to dinner with some friends/parents (which, once again, meant my parents were amazing and watched the dogs) then some more fun, food, laughter and heart-to-heart talks with our friends. I got the girl time I was needing there, let me tell you! It is such a blessing to have those three sisters as friends.

Saturday morning meant a walk around their property and the meeting of a new friend! Last time we stayed there, Abby was too scared to get that close to the horse so I was glad to see she went straight up and immediately cowered, hehe. At least she’s smart enough! She did get a good lick in through the fence onto his nose though so I think they are friends for life.

The mountains were stunning , as usual, and I’m sad my photo didn’t turn out! I miss seeing that majestic beauty every day.

And now, back to real life – which for today means shopping for puppy food and toys, taking Lady to the vet to have her teeth checked out and hopefully getting some writing time in.

Happy Monday and  I hope you noticed that there are only 3 photos from the WHOLE weekend that do not include the dogs…… my priorities are apparently where they should be. HA!



5 Responses to “Our Weekend in Bend”

  1. Natalie April 18, 2016 at 9:59 am #

    Oh my goodness! Those dogs are too cute!


  2. Maryann April 18, 2016 at 10:03 am #

    Sounds like a great time!


  3. Darlene (mom) April 19, 2016 at 11:33 am #

    It was great having you “home”. I enjoyed our walk at the dog park and our time together. And your babies are good girls when you’re not around. (haha)…
    Happy 3rd Anniversary to you both!!!



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