Rambling in January

16 Jan
  • Honestly, I love this couch. I do. It’s leather and comfy and long so I can almost fully stretch out on it. I love this couch. But not for two weeks straight.
  • Another thing I love? The blanket my mom made for me for Christmas. That, I still love, even after two weeks.
  • I’m also getting bored of video games and movies, and sleeping.
  • In other words, I’m ready to start feeling better and actually do something for a change. Just about the time the debilitating migraines let up a bit, I got food poisoning. Which means I’m still on this couch. Under the amazing blanket (and two others because I just cannot get warm). One thing about food poisoning, I’m not hungry. And that’s on the slightly-amazing-side, because I was ravenous for days on end. Maybe I will  be able to fit in something other than yoga pants once this bout of pain is over. Maybe.
  • I also finally googled a dog off-leash park nearby and there is, what looks to be, a nice one not far off! Huzzah! I’m hoping to be able to take poor Lady there next week sometime. She’s a little morose these days, not getting any exercise except when she walks the short distance to the mailbox with us.
  • I have started planning for Valentine’s Day. Please tell me I’m not the only one.  This is the first time in Laura-history that a planning has happened before the week before the actual day. I decided I want to spoil my OH this year. He has been taking such amazing care of me these past months (since we’ve met, really. But I’ve been so much worse these past months) on top of working full time that I thought it would be fun to surprise him!!! Now, on the off chance that he reads this post, I can’t share with you what I have planned, but I want to tell you after the fact!! I am super excited to spoil him and really let him know how much I appreciate all he does for me.
  • You know what else he did?? He bought me a laptop. It’s a refurbished one so it was a super-great price but I love it already. Now, I was strangely attached to my old one that he got me a few years ago, so the fact that I have so quickly grown attached to this one feels slightly disloyal. But listen. ………do you hear that? Neither do I. That is the absence of a fan whirring. And listen now…. that is the absence of chrome crashing just when I’m about to hit publish on a post. Ahhhh, silence really is golden sometimes. Suffice it to say, this thing is a dream. It’s so much lighter, has more cool features and the keyboard is still loud. Err, wait, that last one is a negative. My fast-typing is a little irritating to OH, so he had really hoped this one would be silent. But I think it’s even louder. Heh.

Here’s  a few random photos for you and then I’m off. Lady is laying on the laptop cord, making it an odd angle to type, and my poor tummy is calling for some yogurt or applesauce. I’m not sure which one….

  • 2015-01-02 11.16.21

a friend had this puppy made for me!!! i love it!

  • I fell in love with this bed frame!

    I fell in love with this bed frame!

two surprises in the mail recently! a picture of my nephew in France and a new book to read

two surprises in the mail recently! a picture of my nephew in France and a new book to read

 I just ran across this article, and thought that I would share it with you all – 50 Ways to be a Woman

Have a wonderful weekend,


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