Inexpensive anniversary ideas

13 Apr

Surprise! You get an extra post today! (doesn’t this just make today extra exciting??!?!?)

Our first year anniversary is today!  Over the past few weeks,  I have been trying to figure out something as a gift for him and something fun to do (assuming he doesn’t plan something! haha).

But as I was searching, I was seeing a lot about ‘paper’ symbolism for the 1st anniversary. Well, it got my curiosity going so I did some reading, this is what I found –

Back in Germanic Europe  – about 600 years ago – gold and silver were linked with the 25 and 50 years married. But in 1875, the 1st year and other anniversaries were linked with symbols. I found two descriptions of why paper, and I really like them both!

“Paper symbolizes the strength from the interlaced individual threads in each sheet”

“Paper is seen to represent the delicate nature of a young marriage but can also denote the acquisition of knowledge.” (from

I love the idea of being stronger because of the connection you both have – and that you learn as you go along through the years. Very true.


and this is a lineup of ideas that I love :

  • Framed message board –
  • go back to where you first met/first date
  • write love letters to each other
  • watch your wedding video (i think i’d have to ply him with coffee and dessert to get him to happily do this one! ha!)
  • If you can, spend the day together! Put away the cell phone, ipod and whatever else distracts you from each other. Celebrate your life together! Step away from the day to day.
  • plan a picnic with paper cups and plates (esp if you’ve saved some from your wedding, use them!)
  • If you want to plan a party for family/friends (which I was thinking of but don’t think it’ll happen this year) – incorporate the paper theme with an origami challenge or a paper chain making race. (!)
  • Do a Wedding Dress sketch through – this company makes a sketch of your wedding dress and tuxedo after you send them some photos. (how great is this!!! i love it)
  • Make a photo book ( i made one months ago through and absolutely love it)
  • 20140403_195218
  • Print out vows and a favorite wedding photo to hang on the wall (i love this one too! Might be more for me than him though..)
  • Personalized playing cards (shutterfly is an option)
  • head to Barnes n Noble and pick up a fill-in-the-blanks What I Love About You book. Super cute and reasonably priced

As for some of my thoughts on ‘advice’  – Be full of patience, prayer and gentleness. I’ve realized more and more that even though we are married, his world is still very separate from mine and I don’t/can’t fully understand the pressure put on him ‘out there’  (work, college, etc..) so expecting him to be able to fully be present right away in the evenings is not very gracious. This past year I have decided that the biggest struggle is learning how we each respond to circumstances and how to handle it together. We both have learned how our parents handle things, and react in accordance with that. But, as we each are different than our parents…. this learning will take years, I suspect. If you or your hubby is going through school – figure out how to balance it. This is something we will have to re-learn, as he has recently started classes up again. Balance the time needed to get homework done and time spent together. Always remember you married your best friend.

P1110274 P1110406


Well, plans have changed a lot over the past few days so we might not be able to celebrate our Anniversary until next weekend, but i do hope you have enjoyed today’s post – and come back tomorrow for more on the marriage advice collaboration!


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