Marriage Advice – Collaboration – #2

8 Apr

Here we are again for installment 2! I am still so excited about this series! And since it’s later in the evening and I can feel a whopper of a migraine coming on, I’m going to jump right in to the words from my mom :

“I have found that when I am unhappy in my marriage, it is because my walk with Christ

is not where it should be. Getting back on track with God seems to ‘fix’ everything else.

I’ve learned to let the ‘little things’ go. Life is too short to dwell on them. Focus on the good and happy times.

When upset with my better half I’ve learned to pray for the situation –

not try to change him (that never works anyway).

marriage advice collaboration - #2

aren’t they just the cutest? love this wedding photo!

Mom (Darlene) and Dad have been married 281/2 years now – full of trials (blending two families and all!) and wonderful times. She is able to stay at home and spend all the time she wants with her many grandkids, talking to her chickens, sewing and trying new things. She is always upbeat and willing to give without expecting anything in return. Love you mom.

One Response to “Marriage Advice – Collaboration – #2”

  1. glutenfreezen April 11, 2014 at 6:33 am #

    Very sweet! And I agree. Couldn’t even imagine my marriage without Christ as the center. I’ve been with my husband for 26 years this summer, and believe you me…we would have never been able to do it without God’s loving grace! 😉


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