Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Hello friends!  I do believe that I am the only female blogger who has not posted a recipe,  craft or date idea for Valentine’s Day.  Tsk tsk.
I have certainly looked on Pinterest for cheap date night ideas but. .. shrug.  I had decided on a nice dinner at home but it turns out we are heading to Eugene for a job interview tomorrow so will be on the road! We are super excited about this opportunity .  And honestly,  I’m more looking forward to the celebrations coming up: my      OH ‘ s birthday , my birthday and then our 1st anniversary.  (Insert goofy grin)
Thoughts for tomorrow for you:
Don’t let your expectations get the best of you
Be the giver too!  Bless someone with a little something!
Remember that this is just 1 day out of the whole year- it’s what happens every single day that matters.
Remember that God loves you beyond measure. 


I do hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
Next week I will have a super easy ‘ candy’ recipe for you that my OH and I are hooked on! 
(Pssst- today is our 10 th month anniversary! )

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