A little bit of Whining and Migraine remedies

30 Dec

Now , this is not a normal day that i post – hopefully you’ll forgive me! But i feel the need to write write write right now.

I have spent the day either sleeping or feeling as weak as a newborn kitten. My OH has been so sweet and understanding – for some reason just hearing ‘i’m sorry you’re not feeling well. is there anything i can do?” makes me feel so treasured.This is the part of my health issues that leaves me a little baffled – while i am grateful that i do not have a horrendous migraine right now, my body is behaving as if i do. ? I have lived through many such days over the years and have come to ‘accept’ them – as much as one can accept a mouse gobbling up all the food in the cupboards at night – it still irks and leaves me wondering what else i should try on my journey to better health.

I heard recently – from a friends’ friend – that they were finally able to pinpoint the cause of their problems as being heavy metal toxicity and thyroid problems. Hmm, while i have certainly heard and read about thyroid issues i have never sought any steps to see if that is a problem of mine. And even in all the years of research, heavy metal toxicity has never come up. So now, it is on my list to study out. But adrenal fatigue also came up in the conversation – for what do two people with poor health talk about? the weather?? – and so i did a little reading on it today.    http://healthylivinghowto.com/1/post/2013/07/adrenal-fatigue-what-to-do-when-you-just-cant-do-it-any-more.html

  • Do you suffer from all day fatigue?  – ummm yes. 
  • Are you dizzy upon rising and have low blood pressure?  – yes to dizziness. 
  • Are you depressed and have a flat affect to life? – mm no not at all
  • Do you abuse the snooze button, only to then rely on caffeine and sugar to get you through your day? – no i just don’t have a snooze button! ha. 
  • Is exercise and recovery from exercise difficult for you?  – getting motivated to exercise is HARD. but i’m always glad i did i
  •        Do you crave carbs, salt and sugar?  – yes yes and yes! 


so , shrug. i don’t know. it has great advice whether or not one has adrenal fatigue.  aside from that though, i have been finding several great ideas on how to get rid of migraines, here are the ones that i use most often 

 ~ Advil ( don’t like to, but sometimes i just can’t take the pain anymore)

~Ginger tea (i peel, slice and add it to a mug of hot water)

~Turmeric tea  (drinking it now! small amount in a mug of hot water. helps to add some honey!)

~Essential Oils (frankincense, peppermint and lavendar helps lots to relieve)

~ Sleep! (this tends to be what i fight the most, i hate wasting my day, but at least the time goes by even if it doesn’t ease the pain)

~Hot bath with epsom salts and lavendar

There are several more that are recommended but like i said, those are what i tend to lean toward. Sometimes, of course, nothing seems to help other than crying and snuggling the OH. Here are some links for further natural remedies :





and here is the link to my pinterest board about health advice. (let me know if it doesn’t works!) 


So aside from adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues, i’m wondering what else might be the underlying reason behind my health problems. Reading in the blog, Empowered Sustenance – she has tried so many things in order to help heal her body. Now, i’m not as open to some of the things she has tried – call me scared or closed minded or what have you – but it keeps popping up in my mind that she has done it why can’t i? sigh. One day, one day i will be able to count myself among the healthy. For now, i better get ready for my parents coming over for dinner. 

Happy New Year,

Laura Starr


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