Life’s Decisions, Apple pie and a humidifier

22 Nov

it is bitterly cold here in central oregon! yipes! i left rainy and a bit cold in Portland to just flat out stinkin’ cold! the heaters are getting bumped up and i’m putting more layers on. I love winter but BRR! gotta love central Oregons’ weather – so unpredictable. i think it’s supposed to be 10 degrees tonight. it is gorgeous here in the winter though – the mountains draw my gaze every time with their snow topped peaks glistening in the sun.

my mom and i had a fun day of shopping – i’m making tons of pies for thanksgiving this coming week! eek! so fun! – and we ended up at some thrift stores. you never know what you might find. today i scored a like new humidifier for only $8! i have been researching and researching air purifiers and humidifiers for a while now and the only ones i really wanted were around $300 (which equals to be about $290 over my budget) so i had to give up the dream of having the combination, and decided a humidifier would work. i’m hoping it helps with his sinus sensitivity (last year he was sick all of december with sinus infections) and i’m hoping it’ll help with my migraines! might be a long shot, but whether or not it helps with that, it’ll be good to have. I couldn’t believe i found one for so cheap! plus i found another classic book (for 50cents!)  that i’m eager to read – my to-read list just keeps getting longer.

aside from that? i’m worried about my OH. he’s fine. just fine. just has a big decision to make tomorrow and i’m not there with him tonight. it makes me sad to think of it. so i’m here at home, not that tired when i should already be in bed, praying and wishing i could be there. it makes me wish time/space travel was for real! i could just hop over for the evening or something. as my friend said earlier this evening – ‘when our husbands hurt, we hurt.’ and how true it is

so, good night dear friends. next time i’ll be apron-wrapped, hair tied in a disgraceful bun and smelling like apple pie. =) 

pictures of my trip from the valley to the desert (i.e. over the mountains) 


gorgeous mt. hood





and yes mom. of course i pulled over to the side of the road. then took the picture. why would you think otherwise??

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